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First Class Packaging Printing Quality



Percetakan Tenaga offers a unique state-of-the-art print technique which brings your product to life. We strive to create products that will stand out in the crowd, catch the customers' eyes in an instant and leave a lasting memory for its uniqueness and product differentiation.

Silk Screen

Silk Screen

Producing a lighter and softer touch to a less textured surface object.
3D Emboss

3D Emboss

A technique that raise or depress the design onto a paper/card, allowing genuine senses and real feel on the design.
Therma Transfer

Therma Transfer

High resolution of the image is transferred without degradation, allowing underlying design to be visible once being exposed to heat.
Soft Touch

Soft Touch

A velvety texture consists of a softer look and feel on printed materials and increases tactile appeal.
Pattern Silk Screen

Pattern Silk Screen

Printing framed silk screen with different synthetic to create contrasting textures and patterns.
Glow in the dark pattern

Glow In The Dark

Enhancing the design on wide range of embellishments to be outstanding and unique when the lights go out.
Paper Carving

Paper Carving

This effect adds an impact and elegance with its distinct details and textures.
3D Sandy Silk Screen

3D Sandy Silk Screen

Producing permanent image transformation on objects with course or roughened textured surface, enabling the design to come alive.
Frost Plastic Packaging

Frost Plastic

The various designs and textured prints allows the plastic to be semi-transparent and contrast for aesthetic purpose.
Diamond Matte Design

Diamond Matte

Adding an extra touch with the diamond cuts that enables a more innovative outlook.
Stamping Design


A timeless technique that stamps assorted designs to produce sophisticated results.
Fish Eye Design

Fish Eye

A flat figure that makes it appearance as though it rises from the surface of a sphere which brings out the fish eye effect.
Twinkle Twinkle Design

Twinkle Twinkle

An artistic touch that brings out various shades to create an authentic feel of a starry effect to the packaging.
Hologram Clear Case Design

Hologram Clear Case

Often used as an anti-counterfeiting degree, this technique is used to feature a unique reflective effect.