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Sustainability Packaging




We value our employees’ wellness, and believe in strengthening the workforce through better practices.

Percetakan Tenaga
Percetakan Tenaga Company


We care for our employees. Their welfare, safety and health are utmost important to us. Our employees are insured and protected from financial lost, work-related injury or illnesses not covered by general worker compensation. The company provide a well-equipped health club and conduct activities such as sport day, marathons and annual dinners to foster a closer relationship within. We believe in work life balance and care for our employees’ overall well-being.
Sedex Membership


Percetakan Tenaga subscribed to the international standard of Sedex, which places emphasis and importance on the welfare of employees and workers, ensuring them to be safe on and off work. Our management and employees go beyond regulations in safeguarding our workplace. We strive to maintain a healthy work environment that fosters trust, creativity and general well-being.

Among our human resource aspirations are personal career growth and advancement for employees of all levels. The company provides training programs to equip workers with required skills, and continuous learning to ensure the entire organization is in line towards continuous improvement.

Lean Management


We at Percetakan Tenaga practice Lean Management, which emphasizes on three values which encompasses of delivering values from customer's perspective, eliminating waste and continuous improvement of the processes in being more sustainable by consuming fewer resources. In a constantly changing marketplace, we provide our employees with proper training that aids in better production, morale and reliability and attaining our vision of zero defects.


We have stringent steps in our practices to minimize our environment footprint.

Recycleable Logo

Being an experienced printing company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, thus we offer eco-friendly printing to ensure the products can be recycled and have more than one-time usage, creating a holistic life cycle of the packaging.

With the highly efficient AI incorporated into our processes, significant improvements in zero human errors and minimization of energy consumption are achieved, reducing waste produced. Percetakan Tenaga diligently practices the 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to instill responsibility and self-awareness among the employees on the importance of a sustainable workplace.

Our facilities are environmentally friendly with water harvesting system that ensures water is utilized wisely and not wasted. Our chemicals are being treated with proper procedures, through reliable channels to prevent contamination to our surroundings.


The company employs Al automation with continuous research on better ways to maintain sustainability for business longevity and clean production process.

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001:2015 compliance means that we are obligated to be efficient in the usage of our resources, reduce wastage, treating chemical waste responsibly before being disposed and giving thoughts to the after-life of the packaging we produce. The packages we produce have multi-purpose usage that allows the packaging to be more sustainable and have a longer usage life span.

Good Distribution Practice for medical devices

Being certified by a reputable audited system is a guarantee that Percetakan Tenaga has fulfilled the requirements of an established and efficiently maintained facility, with quality performance throughout the whole process.

High Quality Assurance

We are able to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, which ensures our customers to continuously receive high quality products and services.


We do our regular monthly visit to Pusat Kawalan Kusta Negara and volunteer to help the ailing whom are in need of grooming and self-cleanliness. Our employees connect and exchange stories with the residents, hoping to boost their morale and show them care.

We value humanity and inclusivity among our employees as we employ the underprivileged by providing more work opportunity, and allowing them to be able to live independently.

Community Service Package

Our employees participate and donate blood on every 1 st of May at the Compassionate Blood Donation Campaign, located at the Guanyin Pavilion. The activity is hosted by Petaling Jaya Pavilion and our management support this large initiative as we align our values of sharing in the spirit of selfless service.


As a printing service and manufacturing of printed packaging product supplier, PTSB is committed to understand, monitor & manage our social, environmental & economic impact that enable us to contribute a wider goal to the sustainability development goal as well as to realize the applicable product, customer, legal & other prerequisite with the intend to guarantee fulfillment to all interested parties.

To accomplish the policy, we aim to commit to the following:

  • Being socially responsible and ethical in business
  • Protecting the environment and people's safety
  • Supporting human rights
  • Engaging, learning from, respecting and involving ourselves with the communities and cultures in which we work.

PTSB commit to implement Quality & Environmental Integration Management System and to fulfill all applicable product, customer, legal & other prerequisite with the intention to guarantee fulfillment to all interested parties by organizing a holistic corporate culture for the overall well-being of the workforce and the community.

To achieve this practice, we aim to commit to the following:

  • To establish and integrate a system for the environment, health & safety based on recognized standards and set company goals for continuous improvement alongside the production, distribution and support of our product and services.
  • We also aim to reduce the effect on the environment by holding a great responsibility in proper waste management, conserving natural resources and minimizing waste.
  • Accordingly, encouraging workforce on individual accountability in protecting the environment and building a healthy working surrounding.
  • Practicing a dynamic system also does comply with customers and prerequisite to Prohibited Substances Control.
PTSB pledge in providing the best quality of printed paper and paperboard through the responsible supply chain that delivers raw materials from well managed forest materials, adopting and improved FSC Chain of Custody management system. We also commit to fulfill the occupational safety and health and will not involve in direct or indirect activities of illegal wood logging and trading operations, violations, destructions, conversions of forest for other purposes, introducing new or other scientific species by any methods of operations.
As a dynamic workforce, we aim to satisfy our customer and potentials by maintaining a consistent or surpassing on our product quality, services and deliveries. To continuously improve the efficiency of Quality Management System and all its processes alongside ensuring all personnel are compliant. Added to that, we aim to minimize cost to the highest conceivable level.