1. Do you provide samples of the pouches for size and testing purposes?

Yes, we do provide samples for customers. We strongly suggest our clients try our pouches before purchase to make sure the correct size, colour, style and images. You may request our pre-made pouch samples by dropping us an email.

2. If I were to ask for a quotation on the pouches, what is the information that is required?

Basic information. For example, the dimensions of the pouch, additional features, quantity, illustration and etc are needed. Our team can provide guidance if you are unsure of the process.

3. I want to display my items so that my packaged goods are transparent to customers. Can I customize the packaging?

Yes you can. We have multiple choices of materials to choose from, you may even customize the level of transparency such as having a transparent window that allows you to see the goods inside. You can also pick from our range of material options such as metalized, white or transparent according to your preference which are useful when it comes to packing food.


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