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Protective packaging examples for electronic devices

When it comes to protecting mobiles, laptops, TV’s and other electronic devices during transport, a high-quality protective electronic device packaging solution is vital. Electronic devices are often highly valuable and can be damaged easily during transit. From potential knocks and bangs, to electrostatic discharge, dirt, and theft, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the right protective electronic device packaging solution for your electronic devices.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of our protective electronic device packaging solutions to help protect your electronic devices during transport.

PT Print electronic device packaging solutions

Electronic devices must be protected properly. Due to possible fragile components such as screens and sensors, they must be packaged with absolute care and consideration. Therefore, bespoke electronic device packaging is often needed for an effective solution. At PT Print, we design bespoke electronic device packaging solutions for valuable and delicate electronics products that require personalised protection. We take care to understand your needs and use our expertise to design bespoke and tamper-evident electronic device packaging solutions to ensure proper protection for your electronics through transit to POS.

Bespoke box designs for electronics

For valued electronics, simple but cleverly designed cartons can be made to fold into tamper-evident boxes. Our tamper-evident box solutions are perfect for expensive mobile phones and are designed to deter unauthorised access to your package. If you have a valuable electronic that needs tamper-evident protection, contact PT Print today, we’d love to help.


1. What are the tips for electronic devices packaging?

Electronic goods are fragile items and should be treated as such. This being said, most electronic goods get damaged during transit due to being incorrectly packed. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to correctly package your electronic goods for shipping.
The device should be disassembled where possible, placing each separate component into its own plastic bag. The device should be turned off or disabled during transit. The buttons of the device should be taped as an added safety measure. Shipping corner protectors should then be applied to the boxes, or if they are to be palletized, pallet corner protectors should be used to prevent shock-damage from falling.
When sending small electronics, using packing peanuts and placing them between the items stops them from bumping into each other when in transit. Since foam peanuts sometimes stick to the electronics, you should use other cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or even thin blankets. When you pack electronic devices, use as much cushioning material as necessary. This will prevent the items from sliding around.

2. What is the minimum order?

In general our minimum order quantity is between 5 thousand to 10 thousand units. Because we are a custom manufacturer we can quote any size order. However, lesser are generally hand-made which means higher labor costs. As with all manufacturing higher quantities = lower unit costs. Most box constructions require a certain amount of order quantity to be machine run due to set-up required.