Month: October 2020


PACKAGING × FLEXIBLE PACKAGING MALAYSIA Showcase your products and increase your brand appeal with the best Flexible Packaging in Malaysia Comes in multiple packaging structure formats such as stand pouch packaging with and without spout, shape pouch, flat bottom, 3-sided seal, and 4 sided seal. Multiple prints and designs are also available to add to[…]


PACKAGING × CLEAR CASE PACKAGING MALAYSIA Showcase your products and increase your brand appeal with the best Clear Case Packaging in Malaysia Our plastic clear case offers high transparency and high visibility of the product. Added aesthetic designs would offer elegance, high marketing appeal and display characteristics. Clear Case Packaging Key Features-: Customized clear case[…]


PACKAGING × BLISTER CARD PACKAGING MALAYSIA Highlight your products with the best Blister Card Packaging in Malaysia Our pre-formed blister card packaging option is suitable in not only showcasing your product in the market but also giving a stunning shelf impact. Our custom forming creates unique blister card packaging for each of your items, setting[…]


PACKAGING × FLUTED BOX Our fluted box is versatile as it is customizable to different shapes and prints. With the variety flute sizes and thickness available, our fluted box is able to provide protection and cushion for support to your product. Recyclable options available, subjected on materials. Suggested Finishing Silk Screen Stamping Enquiry Now Let’s[…]


PACKAGING × METALLIC BOX PACKAGING MALAYSIA Stand out from your competitors with our first-class Metallic Packaging Box in Malaysia The metallic box packaging would be personally customized to fit your brand goals and vision. Our metallic packaging box will surely give an eccentric look to your products and enhance your brand image.You are one step[…]


PACKAGING × PAPER BOX Made with virgin board with various FSC choices or duplex board, the paper box packaging can be designed to accommodate auto-locking. Appealing design and finishing can be customizable onto the box that can also serve an after-life to the packaging. Recyclable options available, subjected on materials. Suggested Finishing Diamond Matte Pattern[…]


PACKAGING × FLEXIBLE ROLL PACKAGING Light weight and convenient, this packaging is highly sought out for food preservation and prolongs shelf life as it has direct contact with the ingredients. Supply in roll form, options available for automation packing of single lane and multilane machines which is tailored to suit healthy exceptional packing temperature and[…]


RIGID BOX PACKAGING MALAYSIA × TOP RIGID BOX MANUFACTURER IN MALAYSIA Give your Brand a fresh appeal with Malaysia’s best Rigid Box Packaging Order a customized rigid box packaging for all your luxury brand products and give yourself a great advantage over your competitors. You can trust the aesthetics and quality of our custom rigid[…]